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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Reclaim your sexy self with our effective treatment options

It is also common for women to experience a decrease in sexual pleasure and urinary incontinence during their lifetimes which makes the muscles around one’s vagina lose tone as well any lubrication they might have once had due to tissue shrinkage from aging- this leads many women who suffer from these conditions to feel increasingly less sexy despite trying really hard at first not let yourself go entirely untreated! Luxury beauty & wellness offers an effective solution.

What Is The Her-Shot?

There is a new way to rejuvenate and restore your vaginal health. The Her-Shot treatment, which uses growth factors found in PRP injections for women’s wellness purposes only available from certified providers who have extensive training on the procedure itself will make you feel like new again!

What Does the Her-Shot Treat?

How Does It Work?

The treatment uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a concentration of a patient’s platelets. The activated platelets are injected into the vaginal and clitoral area to stimulate new cell growth. These growth factors trigger stem cells to increase blood flow, generate healthy tissue growth and help improve vascularization at the site.

You will experience enhanced sexual pleasure and sensitivity due to the tissue growth and increased blood flow.

What to Expect?

Our medical professionals will draw a small amount of your blood to prepare the injections. The blood is placed in a centrifuge, and platelets are drawn from the nutrient-rich blood with medically proven enhancement abilities.

Our team of professionals will apply a topical anesthetic before the injections to minimize discomfort. Patients receive two injections, one in the clitoris and another in the vaginal wall.

The procedure takes less than an hour, and there is no downtime associated with the treatment so that you can return to your daily activity immediately after. Some patients experience temporary mild irritation at the injection site, but it does not interfere with their daily activity for most.

The growth factors take approximately two weeks to regenerate tissue, with maximum benefits reached within 3-4 months. Some women report immediate symptom improvement, but results vary from one patient to another.

The benefits of a single Her-Shot last, on average, up to 12 months. Patients seeking better results can schedule a second Her-Shot after 6-months. We recommend annual Her-Shot treatments to maximize and maintain benefits.

Am I A Candidate?

With maturing, certain results are unavoidable. Most women report vaginal dryness or urinary incontinence as they become older. Assuming that this is you, we have great news! 

With the astonishing vaginal wellness treatment, you will never need to carry on with these disappointing side effects again. The best way to know if the Her-Shot is right for you is to schedule a consultation with our team of experts.