Male Intimate Wellness

Safe and effective P-Shot

His-Shot can help you achieve male intimate wellness without any pain or discomfort!

His-Shot is the only Penile Enhancement Shot that can help you achieve male intimate wellness safely and effectively. With this one simple procedure, we’ll rejuvenate enlarging your penis in a safe non surgical way; all without any pain or discomfort!

What is the male intimate wellness His-Shot treatment?

His Shot (Penile Enhancement Shot) is a groundbreaking regenerative medical procedure that can treat erectile dysfunction (ED) without the use of drugs or surgery. PRP therapy uses your body’s own platelets to regenerate penile tissue and improve blood flow, resulting in improved sensitivity and better sexual performance.

What Does the His-Shot Treat?

The His-Shot is a drugless treatment that offers significant benefits for men struggling with decreased sensation, frequency and stamina in their erections. It’s been proven to help boost libido as well!

How Does The His-Shot Work?

With the His-Shot, you can have a healthy lifestyle without taking medication or going through complicated procedures. The treatment works by using “high quality” blood samples derived entirely from your blood. Your cells contain naturally occurring cell regenerating growth factors.

What to Expect?

The number one concern of patients is pain. However, there is nothing to worry about, as our medical professionals apply a local numbing cream and nerve blocker to prevent any discomfort during the procedure.

The first step in the process is to draw a small amount of blood. Your blood is immediately placed in a specialized centrifuge to isolate the plasma and platelets from other blood cells.

Before injecting them, we treat your platelets with a calcium chloride solution to trigger the healing response, prompting the platelets to release the growth factors necessary to rebuild tissue.

Our medical professionals customize each treatment to meet the needs of patients. For this reason, the number of injections and their location varies, but we design each treatment to provide the maximum benefits for the patient.

The His-Shot is a simple, painless, in-office procedure lasting 30-45 minutes. There is no downtime associated with the treatment so that you can return to your regular activity immediately after your session.

You should avoid taking NSAID medications such as ibuprofen, Aleve, and 325mg aspirin at least 1-2 weeks before your procedure. Also, avoid this type of medication for at least two weeks after the treatment, as these medications can decrease the platelet’s ability to trigger a regenerative response.

Am I A Candidate?

Thanks to the His-Shot being a non-surgical and non-medication treatment, most men are good candidates for the procedure. Additionally, since the PRP is derived from your blood, there is little risk of adverse effects